You season 4 part 2 release date,trailer,plot and cast

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You Season 4 part 2 Trailer:

Netflix releases the official trailer of You S4 part 2 on 15th Feb 2023. The trailer is 2 minutes long and contains small and valuable hints of what will happen in You S4 part 2. The trailer itself is a huge success for Netflix as it got an insane viewership of 1.2 million views in just 2 week.
Can’t wait to watch it right now? but before diving further here is a quick recap of all the things that happened so far.

Joe Goldberg relocated to London, adopts the name Jonathan Moore, and takes a position as a professor at a prestigious institution in an effort to put an end to his murderous tendencies. His new life is very simple! Moreover, he is committed to, uh, not killing anyone else. But all changes when a murderer with a desire for blood starts targeting the citizens of the city. The Eat The Rich Killer is a serial murderer that targets Joe’s wealthy social circle. In addition, the killer is aware of Joe’s true identity and is framing him for the attacks.

The identity of the Eat the Rich Killer is revealed by the midseason finale. Rhys Montrose,a well-known author, confesses his misdeeds to Joe and offers him two options. Joe can either join him and take down everyone else, or Rhys will reveal Joe’s true identity and blame him for the deaths. In the last minutes of the episode, Joe states to himself, “Whatever your big ambitions are, I need to stop you before you hurt another soul and pull mine down with you.”

You Season 4 part 2 Storyline

Part 1 centred on Joe’s efforts to identify the enigmatic stalker who was attempting to frame him for murder. Joe will have to deal with the consequences of Rhys (Ed Speleers) being revealed as the unexpected true killer. “It’s a comfort that he’s not the one doing it, but it also sets off whatever his triggers are,” Badgley explained to TV Guide. “Whatever is triggering this deep-set stuff is always at a near-explosive level. He’s quietly suppressing a lot of wraths, which is like a warm bath for me right now.”

It’s difficult to image the Quinn family’s hitman (Adam James) merely handing over a new life for Joe, complete with bogus IDs and everything. He believes Joe “cared for” Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle) before she left to rejoin with her daughter, but Joe got away with it far too easily. Someone connected to the Quinns may pay Joe another visit. Is Joe over Marienne?

Speaking of Joe’s love interests, his relationship with Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) has thus far been… normal? But should we be frightened that Joe would end up turning violent again, this time against her? History has a funny way of repeating itself.

You Season 4 part 2 Cast:

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As previously said, there were several murders in the early half of Season 4, so we’ll be missing a few faces in Part 2. Malcolm (Stephen Hagan), Simon (Aidan Cheng), and Gemma (Eve Austin), as well as Adam’s driver, Vic (Sean Pertwee), were all killed off, thus they’re unlikely to appear in the second half. Joe had a run-in with Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle) and allowed her leave unhurt to prove that he’s changed, so only time will tell if we’ll see her again in Part 2, or if she’s officially designated “safe” from Joe’s hands.

Members of the main cast include:

  • Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, now known as Jonathan Moore
  • Charlotte Ritchie plays Kate, the central character who begins frigid but eventually warms up.
  • Ed Speleers plays eccentric author and aspiring politician.
  •  Rhys Montrose; Tilly Keeper plays Lady Phoebe, a popular socialite and Kate’s Friend.
  •  Lukas Gage plays affluent youngster and fellow American Adam.
  • Ben Wiggins as Roald, another wealthy lifelong friend of Kate’s who is smitten with her Amy Leigh Hickman as Joe’s literary student
  • Nadia Niccy Lin, Ozioma Whenu, and Dario Coates are also expected to return.

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